online usage policy

It is the policy of Orlando World Outreach Center to maintain an environment that promotes ethical and responsible conduct in all online network activities. Online bullying and harassment, accessing obscene or offensive content, online gambling, or illegally downloading copyrighted content are strictly prohibited while using the guest wifi at Orlando World Outreach Center.  We do not screen or restrict access to any content placed on or accessible through the Internet. Orlando World Outreach Center also does not screen or restrict communications between parties via the Internet. You acknowledge that if you access the Internet you may receive or be exposed to content, goods or services which you consider to be improper, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, obscene or otherwise offensive. You agree that Orlando World Outreach Center is not liable for any action or inaction with respect to any such content on the Internet accessible through the Orlando World Outreach Center guest wifi.


Orlando World Outreach Center assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or device configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the Orlando World Outreach Center guest wifi or the Internet, nor liability for any damages to hardware, software or data, however caused.  It is the responsibility of the user to protect their wireless devices through use of up-to-date virus protection, personal firewall and any other suitable measures.


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