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Home Guide


Our Home Guide is to provide you with tips, best practices, and a discussion guide to make the most of your online experience. You can lead your home by creating healthy habits when you take part.

These ideas may vary depending on your home dynamic. This is meant to be a helpful guide so you can get the most out of your time at home. Prepare, Participate, Process.

Before Service

Plan the best time to watch. We offer one morning service online.

  • 11AM EST


Send the invite!

  • Let your friends know what platform you're watching on!

  • If you are comfortable with having a few people in your home, you can invite them to join you in person. But please remember to use good health practices and be aware of any social distancing guidelines of your city and state.


Create a distraction-free environment.

  • Set your phone aside or silence notifications.

  • Have your Bible, notebook, and pen ready to take notes.



During Service

Go from watcher to worshipper.

  • Engage in worship. Stand up and sing out loud.

  • Partner: Give an offering, sign up to serve, join a Life Group via the app.

  • Interact with the message: Open your Bible, take notes, comment in the chat.

After Service


If you, or someone with you, decides to follow Jesus, take a moment to pray. Make sure you or they text "OWOC" to (407) 863-8688 so a leader can follow up with you or them.

  • Join a Life Group to keep the conversation going.

  • Share your experience.


Watching service online with others?

  • After watching the sermon, review the sermon with your group.

  • Pick a different leader each week. It’s a great way to participate.


Watching service online solo?

  • Journal your thoughts based on the sermon.

  • Optional: If possible, identify a friend(s) with whom you can share the sermon. Then, meet them during the week, in-person or virtually, to discuss your notes and thoughts.

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